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PCI Express
原廠/品牌: 智原科技 上架日期: 06/08
供應商: 寅通科技 產品類別: Digital IP - High Speed Interface Controller

     PCI-Express controller Cores and PHY Solution

     PCI-Express is the standard likely to dominate the next wave of conversions to high performance serial interconnects. Faraday is supporting this development with highly differentiated silicon IPs to bring this technology to ASICs. Faraday's PCI-Express PHY and controller provide a complete, fully integrated, silicon proven ASIC and IP solutions for PCI-Express end-point and bridge applications.

     Faraday's advanced PHY design requires substantially less area, pins, and power than all other equivalent products. It fits entirely within the IO pad frame, and a 4-lane port uses only 30 pins and less than 300 mW. The controller core is only 70K gates, and it can be used with or without the PHY.


  • Compliant with PCI-Express base specification 1.1
  • Supports 16-bit PIPE (PHY interface)
  • Provides 64-bit application interface (greater than 1GB/sec at 133MHz in one direction)
  • Support PCI-Express Layered Architecture (transaction, data-link, and physical layer
  • Transmit / Receive flow control
  • Support PCI-Express native power management
  • Support multiple lanes up to x4
  • Automatic Link Negotiation
  • Support Lane Number and Lane Polarity Reversal
  • Support multiple clock rates for application interface and PHY
  • Configurable Tx / Rx FIFO
  • Configurable SerDes PHY x1, x2, or x4 lane support