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瀏覽器最早的名稱為WorldWideWeb,1990年它還只是僅供瀏覽網頁之用。1993年美國國家高速電腦中心針對Unix系統研發出Mosaic,利用GUI(Graphical User Interface)介面程式,可以將網頁上的圖跟文展現在螢幕上。1994年由網景公司推出的Netscape Communicator,在市場中有著相當高的佔有率,但目前瀏覽器的使用以IE為主流。
文章The Conservation Mentality of Smart Agriculture Systems (2016.07.27)
The global climate is rapidly changing, and the global warming problem is severely affecting food and cash crop harvests. Using artificial environments to gain control, cultivate crops, and ensure the stability of harvests has already become an important contemporary issue for countries around the world
智慧農業系統的節能思維 (2016.07.18)
文China’s Motion Control Market Potential (2016.04.26)
In recent years, China’s consumer products have been rapidly changing. In addition to a continual increase in the amount of products, there has been a gradual increase in the development of high-level quality products. With this state of affairs
大陸運動控制市場後勢可期 (2016.04.01)
文章An In-Depth Visit to the ARM Taiwan CPU Design Center (2015.12.17)
In September 2015 the ARM CPU Design Center formally opened in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is not only Taiwan’s first CPU design center but also the first ARM design center in Asia. The center specializes in Cortex-M processor development for IoT use
文章CIGS Thin Film Solar Batteries Bring New Possibilities to Wearables (2015.08.14)
People all around the world are considerably enthusiastic about developing eco-friendly resources, and governments of all nations hope to be able to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources. Of all the feasible renewable energy sources
文章CyanogenMod, New opportunities for Taiwan SMEs (2015.07.17)
Care to get your handset’s operating sysytem (OS) customized? Here comes the CyanogenMod (CM), which is all the rage for the reason it’s aiming at replacing Google’s Android. William Liang, former Senior Director at innovation Digital System Business Group (iDSBG) System Software Division Operating System Department of Hon Hai Technology
免費雲端進銷存 (2015.04.07)
文章“HealthCare”Most Profitable Application for Smartwatches (2015.03.20)
The launch of the Apple Watch could be considered to have lit a beacon for the future of smartwatches. However, overall smartwatches are in a grey area, and consumers still have ambivalent attitudes towards them. Not only are they highly replaceable but their price ranges have also still not been established
文章The Integration of Healthcare and Smartwatches in Taiwan (2015.03.16)
In the tech industry, smartwatches are set to become both new sought-after products and potential drivers of growth during the next few years. With the slowdown in demand and market saturation of smartphone mobile devices, new wearable products will be crucial to maintaining growth in the technology industry
文章Viewing 3D Printing and Taiwanese 3D Printing Firms (2015.02.11)
Viewing 3D Printing and Taiwanese 3D Printing Firms As a new industry, 3D printing is rapidly attracting the whole world’s attention (truly, we should look upon it as an industry rather than a type of technology). Regardless of whether they are supporters or opponents of 3D printing, observers will all bring up a number of opinions about its development and make 3D printing into the most watched technology of 2015
文章Apple’s Lightning Port May a Strong Move for Dominting Audio Market (2015.01.11)
Shortly after buying Beats, Apple announced plans to replace the standard 3.5mm audio jack with its own audio jack format, the Lightning port. To many observers, this seemed like an attempt on the part of Apple to dominate the audio market and strong-arm consumers into exclusively purchasing Apple-licensed products
文章Sound Matters! A Good Business for Smartphone (2015.01.09)
Human beings live on five senses, auditory sense is one of the most important senses that gives us the listening and hearing comprehension. In the technogy field, enterpries and experts work hard on improving the sound quality in smartphone, include mobile phone companies, chips suppliers, headphone manufacturers and music providers
文章HDMI 2.0: Product and Tech Issues (2014.12.17)
Over time, HDMI has become a dominant multimedia interface that can be found in home theater equipment, personal computers, automotive electronics, and many mobile devices. Previous iterations of HDMI conquered the consumer electronics market by squeezing HD video and Hi-Fi audio signals through a single cable
文章Innovations in IoT Applications (2014.12.15)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently being developed for a wide variety of applications in Taiwan, including retail, domestic, healthcare, water treatment, agriculture, and smart cities. It is based upon the principle of enabling devices to interact with one another through various platforms using automated analyses of information collected through sensor databases
文章As Chips Cheaper, IoT Develops More Quickly (2014.12.08)
The Economist issue Megachange: The World 2050 pointed out that chips will become smaller, cheaper, and more ubiquitous, until they finally become “smart dust.” This means that in the future the Internet will be able to accommodate countless network devices
文章Why and How You Need Wi-Fi Direct Certification? (2014.11.24)
Wi-Fi Direct is an IEEE 802.11 wireless network protocol that supports direct wireless connections between compatible devices. Wi-Fi Direct uses peer-to-peer connections to perform common networking tasks. With Wi-Fi Direct users can quickly and securely share, print, display, and sync files between linked devices
文章Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park: Advancing Taiwan’s Agriculture (2014.10.31)
Since July 2013, when it was designated a Free Economic Pilot Zone, the Ping-tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park has attracted 17 companies, including Loh-mann Animal Health, Ariake Foods, and T-Ham. Lohmann, the world’s fourth largest poultry vaccine manufacturer and an industry bellwether, invested more than NT$500 million in the park, estimating that it will create NT$2
文章The Timing is Right for Advanced Clock-Tree Solutions (2014.10.23)
Today’s high-performance equipment, ranging from smartphones, connected TVs, cameras and printers to mobile basestations, telecom linecards, broadcast equipment and medical imaging systems, frequently comprises multiple processors, FPGAs or network processors, memories, and physical layer devices supporting multi-protocol high-speed connectivity
文章G.hn, The Most Potential Wired Broadband Solution (2014.10.13)
Last century, the Internet was new and data flowed over IP to connect the world. Due to limited bandwidth, only text-based email and primitive web surfing was initially available to consumers. As networking technology advanced, multimedia content delivery became more viable and as a result, the desire for bandwidth has steadily increased



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