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Platform Manager Devices
原廠/品牌: Lattice 上架日期: 03/22
供應商: Lattice 產品類別: Power

     The Platform Manager™ product family represents the

     third-generation of mixed-signal devices available from Lattice. Programmable Platform Manager devices simplify board management design significantly by integrating programmable analog and logic to support many common functions, such as power management, digital housekeeping and glue logic. By integrating these support functions, Platform Manager devices not only reduce the cost of these functions compared to traditional approaches, but also improve system reliability and provide a high degree of design flexibility that minimizes the risk of circuit board re-spins.

零件編號 封裝 規格說明 單價 庫存 最小
LPTM10-12107-DEV-EVN Platform Manager Devices    電洽 2週交貨 1 電洽

Platform Manager Power and Digital Function Block Diagram

The following block diagram shows all the major power and digital functions contained each Platform Manager device. Several power and digital management applications supported by Platform Manager are listed under each function type.




 Features and Benefits 

  • Precision Voltage Monitoring Increases Reliability
    • 12 analog monitor inputs
    • Differential input sensing
    • Over/under voltage detection
    • Window comparison options
  • High-Voltage FET Drivers Enable Integration
    • 4 N-channel MOSFET drivers
    • Power supply ramp control
    • Programmable current and voltage
    • Open drain output support
  • Margining and Trimming Improves Supply Headroom
    • Up to eight power supplies
    • Dynamic voltage control
    • Digital closed-loop mode of operation
  • Programmable Timers Increase Control Flexibility
    • Four independent timers
    • 32 μs to 2 seconds



  • PLD Resources Integrate Power & Digital Functions
    • 48-macrocell CPLD
    • 640 LUT4 FPGA
    • Up to 6.1 Kbits distributed RAM
    • Up to 107 digital I/Os
    • LVCMOS 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.5/1.2
    • LVTTL
    • Open-drain outputs
  • System Level Support
    • Single 3.3V supply operation
    • Industrial temperature range
  • In-System Re-programmability Reduces Risk
    • On-chip configuration memory
    • JTAG programmin