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CT92 Memory SiP Mobile DDR Stack
原廠/品牌: 鉅景 上架日期: 06/17
供應商: 鉅景 產品類別: Memory

     CT92 Memory SiP is a Multi Chip Package Memory (MCP) that integrated Mobile DDR SDRAM-stacked by advanced SiP (System-in-a-Package) technology. CT92 Memory SiP offers space saving advantage that could miniaturize your portable device. And it is conformed to green regulations.

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CT92246B1 Combo Memory (Green MCP),1G bits (16Mx4-Bank x16-bit) Mobile DDR SDRAM    電洽 2週交貨 1 電洽

CT92 Memory SiP is optimized for portable devices which features low power consumption, small form factor package, high performance and high reliability.
Feature phone
Smart phone
Mobile internet device